The ‘Home’ Tactic

Nate here …

I am just an ordinary dad, but I feel if I want extraordinary things to happen for my children and their peers, it’s necessary to step it up and exercise the extraordinary.

So, I am LITERALLY exercising the extraordinary.

Aside from physical training, I need to combat the psychological, be it isolation, desperation, or anything that comes from being in a foreign area remote from the common. And the fact remains, there will be remote land within the 800 miles between Mexico and Utah.

For that, I have a solution.

I estimate the halfway point for my journey brings me damn close to land I’ll recognize, such as Strawberry and Pine. Though the trail will still be leading me another 400 miles, they will be miles skirting land I’m more familiar, thus making me feel a little more home.

Home may not be where the heart is, literally, but it will be near enough to hear the beats. From there I’ll aim my eyes toward Flagstaff then Tusayan then the South Rim, Grand Canyon, North Rim and beyond.

It’s a mind game, I know. But so isn’t all the later, pushing pain aside.

The ‘Home’ Tactic. Hope it works.

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