We know it sounds crazy – running 800 miles in three weeks. Hopefully these answers will help you understand the ins and outs of Running for Running River.

Why is Nate running for Running River School?

Short answer:  Running is Nate’s way of expressing the equal devotion and dedication he feels that administration, faculty, volunteers, and families of RRS provide every day. Running River School integrates head, heart, and hands, as running ultra marathons integrates mind, soul/spirit, and body. Oh, and “running” is in the name, so why not?

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What is Running River School?

Running River School is an independent and nonprofit grade school initiative inspired by Waldorf education, located in Sedona, Arizona. Founded by a group of parents, including Nate Hansen, the mission of Running River School is to create a place where the school community works together to offer children a hands-on, holistic and integrative educational opportunity, commonly referred to as the “whole child approach,” serving the “head, hands and heart” of each individual child in a developmentally-appropriate model. To learn more visit www.runningriverschool.org.

Who are Finn and Lily?

Finn and Lily are the children of Nate – the runner – and Lupita – Director of Running River School. As of the Arizona Trail event, Finn is 10-years old and a member of the fifth grade. Lily is seven, and a member of the second grade. Whereas both have completely opposite tastes – Finn the fashion-forward athlete, and Lily the nature-loving artist – they love joining their parents on adventures, be it hikes in the red rocks of Sedona, big city museum walks, trampoline parks, or road trips.

What does my donation accomplish?

Your donation goes directly to the general fund of Running River School. All donations will be used for general operating expenses and the growth and expansion of school services, including teacher wages; classroom equipment; art, music, and handwork supplies; addition/renovation of classrooms; expansion of special subject programs such as language; and much more. If you would like your donation used in a specific way, please specify your preference during the payment process. Donations can be made here.

Who is sponsoring the run?

There are several sponsors supporting this run, ranging from individuals to corporations. Among these entities, there is a varying amount of support ranging from financial contributions to donations of medical and nutritional services, as well as gear and supplies from leading outdoor brands.

If interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at runningforrunningriver@gmail.com.

What will a day on the trail look like?

The AZT traverses over 800 miles, scaling more than 110,000 feet elevation gain, through 43 Passages of diverse landscapes ranging from deserts to mountains, all of which contain their own “micro-climate.” Considering the start will take place in March, Nate could be looking at desert heat one day, then thunderstorms and mountain snows the next. To provide a “typical day,” isn’t as much a guarantee as to say the vistas will be amazing, and each step to get there equally challenging.

Who will be supporting Nate along the trail?

Nate is running/thru-hiking the AZT solo, which means he will be alone. Aside from the support he receives through donations of gear and supplies, the only support Nate will receive is from “trail angels” that volunteer with water caches along the 43 Passages of the AZT. Since this is a self-supported journey, any resupply Nate needs will be mailed to communities the AZT travels through.

With all of that said, Nate is more than happy to welcome hikers who want to join him on this adventure. Nate has personally invited a few friends to join him on certain legs of the AZT, but nothing is set in stone. If you are interested in providing caches, or accompanying Nate on specific legs, email runningforrunningriver@gmail.com.

How far will Nate run each day?

In order to complete the AZT in three weeks, Nate needs to run/thru-hike 40+ miles per day. Considering Nate has experience running ultra marathons, he hopes to log most of the miles at a pace that allows for a copious amount of rest each night. Though the goal is three weeks – a number he randomly picked out thinking he needed to back for work – Nate is well aware that most people take 30-40 days to complete the AZT, and not 21 days. If he needs to back off the pace to save his body, he will not hesitate. Well, he may, but he knows he’s not out to break the FKT.

Can I help?

You can! People can help through a myriad of ways, be it financial support, offering supportive services, donating gear and supplies, delivering caches, or simply following the progress of Running for Running River through this site and the social media sites, then SHARE posts and pictures and INVITE others to join.

Again, if interested in sponsorship, donation, or press inquiries, email runningforrunningriver@gmail.com.