Change It Up

Over the last month, I can recall training most anywhere. You see, this journey I have ahead of me is big enough it’s on my mind quite often. And when it’s on my mind, it’s usually about mental or physical preparedness.

And if it’s on my mind, I typically have to do something about it. Here’s a sample of the things I’ve done AWAY from the training routine I already have established:

  • Run 8.4 miles of Hangover Trail, plus the abandoned extension
  • Isometrics while driving to Flagstaff, Cottonwood, or around town running errands
  • Push-ups and Sit-ups in between reading chapters
  • Meditation while on ski lifts
  • Running the Las Vegas Strip
  • Walk to Fundraising Meetings
  • Ab tightening while watching films
  • Focus on breath while watching West World

The point being, in this very short post, is that aside from your routine, which can quite possibly become monotonous and dull, I suggest changing things up. Surprise yourself, your mind, your body, and do something out of the ordinary, or more that won’t overexert yourself.

Mix it up … and add some spontaneity to your training!

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